Friday, 1st March 2024

Time: 1pm – 5pm

Departure Point: 
College Street (outside St Mary’s Cathedral)


En Route

Fasten your seat belts and get your cameras ready as your Travel Director and his gorgeous, glamazon stewardess take you on a whirlwind tour of all the must-see sights this gay old harbour city has to offer.

St Mary’s Cathedral, Botanical Gardens and
Mrs Macquarie’s Chair

Dust off your knees after your “Hail Marys” and we’ll depart St Mary’s Cathedral for the stunning Botanical Gardens and Mrs Macquarie’s Chair. Poor Mrs Macquarie was dragged kicking and screaming from her life of luxury in England to the newly founded colony of New South Wales. Mrs Macquarie’s Chair sits high on the peninsula in the Botanical Gardens, overlooking the harbour, and is an exposed sandstone rock that was hand carved into a bench by convicts in 1810. Your multi-award-winning drag hostess will gaily re-enact the daily ritual carried out by Mrs Macquarie, the wife of the then New South Wales Governor, as she would make her way here to “take in the views” and longingly wait for a ship to take her home. After, we will toast Mrs Macquarie’s misfortune with a glass or two of Australian sparkling wine as we bask in the spectacular views over the Harbour.

Sydney Opera House

The first Queen to visit the Sydney Opera House was Queen Elizabeth II, Queen of Australia, on 20 October 1973. It was built at a cost of $102 million dollars ($95 million over budget and 10 years behind schedule). The Sydney Opera House remains one of the world’s most iconic buildings and was designed by Danish architect Jørn Utzon. The Opera Bar is also one of our favourite local hangouts you must try while you are here – we may pop in for a visit.

Bondi Memorial and Tamarama to Bondi Beach Walk

Time for us to stop, pause and reflect on just how far we’ve come in our fight for equality but also to remember those who we lost along the way. The gay history of Sydney is not all “glitter and rainbows”.  A number of atrocities happened to our community up until the 1990s (and continue to do so.) For this reason, we believe it's important to bring you here so we can learn and remember.

If you come to Sydney there is one thing you MUST do and that is the Tamarama to Bondi walk. Follow our stewardess’ lead and swap your slingbacks for a comfortable sports shoe as we “do as the locals do” and take in the spectacular coastal views on this exhilarating walk.

Bondi Beach

Attracting over 50,000 sun worshippers every summer weekend Bondi Beach is Australia’s most famous beach and one of the best places for Speedo-clad, muscle-bulging, gay eye candy. It’s time to limber up and flex your own muscle as we take part in our annual Bondi Beach Drag Races including the “Handbag Toss” and the “20-metre mince.”

Stonewall Hotel

Situated on the "Gay Golden Mile" the Stonewall Hotel has become a Sydney institution renowned for its drag shows and party atmosphere. Our tour will finish at this iconic venue so please come inside and join us for one last included drink together.